Which Job Is Most in Demand in Switzerland?

Switzerland is experiencing an acute labour shortage, with many employers struggling to recruit qualified workers. This extends to various industries. While some of the most popular jobs in Switzerland require advanced degrees, others are suitable for people who have completed an apprenticeship.

Most Popular Jobs in Switzerland: Highly Skilled Jobs

One of the biggest issues in the Swiss job market is a lack of skilled employees in IT, the technical sector, education, and medicine. In IT, for example, there are currently four jobs for every employee seeking work. If you have relevant qualifications and several years of experience, you have good chances of landing a highly sought-after position.

IT Professionals

There is a persistent shortage of skilled software developers, cybersecurity specialists, network managers, and IT systems architects in Switzerland. Experts estimate that there will be a shortfall of 40,000 workers by 2030 if nothing is done.

Employees in the information and communication sector can expect high wages and great working conditions. The average salary is higher than CHF 105,000, and many employees split their time between working from home and in the office.


Engineers are another highly sought-after group, particularly mechanical engineering technicians and heating planners. An increasing number of Swiss households are moving to more sustainable heating systems, so anyone working in this branch can expect high demand in the next decade. The average engineer earns CHF 100,000 or more, and even entry-level positions typically pay CHF 80-90,000.


There is an acute teacher shortage in Switzerland, and it’s only set to get worse in the next decade as the population grows. This means that schools are having to hiring unqualified or underqualified individuals.

Teaching could be a good career for anyone looking to work part-time or parents who want to coordinate their holidays with their children. In Switzerland, teachers frequently earn between CHF 80,000 and CHF 100,000, although it depends on the canton, the age of the students, and the individual’s qualifications.


The entry requirements for Swiss medical schools are notoriously hard. As a result, the country has been experiencing a persistent shortage of doctors in the last decades. Family doctors in particular are in short supply, as only 20% of medical students choose this path. However, specialists are also in demand, particularly as the problem worsens due to the aging population.

In Switzerland, doctors can earn upwards of CHF 100,000 per year, even early in their careers. Specialists often make CHF 250,000, and some surgeons even earn more than CHF 500,000.  Family doctors frequently run their own businesses, and they can either choose to work full-time or part-time. Many opt for a four-day or even three-day work week.

Which Job Is Most in Demand in Switzerland?

Professions Requiring Apprenticeships

In Switzerland, a large proportion of the population doesn’t go to university. Instead, they complete an apprenticeship, which often takes three to four years. Unfortunately, there aren’t always enough apprenticeship positions, so there is a severe shortage in multiple professions. This is particularly pronounced in medicine, construction, and the hospitality industry.

Medical Professionals

Nurses, caregivers, medical assistants, and laboratory technicians are all highly sought-after in Switzerland. Currently, over 15,000 nursing positions remain unfilled, and around 300 nurses leave the profession every month. The parliament and the cantons have recently committed to spending more money on training new nurses. In spring 2024, a draft bill aiming to improve working conditions will be presented.

Currently, nurses can expect to earn CHF 70 to 90,000 per year. Caregivers earn a significantly lower wage, at around 50 to 60,000 CHF. However, this is likely to increase in the future as the shortage becomes more acute.

Construction Workers

All types of construction workers are needed in Switzerland, although bricklayer and building supervisor shortages are most severe. The reason is that many qualified construction workers are retiring in the coming years, and there aren’t enough apprenticeships for the next generation. The typical construction worker can expect a salary of CHF 65,000 to CHF 75,000, but rates vary depending on the specialisation and area.

Hospitality and Service Professionals

In the hospitality industry, acute staff shortages are common. There are currently over 8,000 vacant positions, and the majority of hotels are unable to recruit enough staff. Salaries in this industry vary greatly. Service professionals can expect to earn under CHF 50,000 at the low end, but hospitality managers with several years of experience can earn well over CHF 80,000.


Electricians are some of the most sought-after professionals. To become an electrician, you have to do a four-year apprenticeship. However, there aren’t always enough positions, which is why there is a persistent shortage.

If you have a foreign qualification and want to work as an electrician in Switzerland, you have to get your qualification translated. This can take some time and money, so plan ahead. You can expect to earn between CHF 55,000 and 80,000 a year as an electrician.

How to Land a Good Job in Switzerland

When applying for jobs, it’s important to remember that Swiss employers can be very picky despite the current worker shortage. Many are reporting recruitment problems due to a lack of skilled staff. Although they are struggling to find qualified people, they are intent on maintaining their high standards, and they won’t hire anyone unless they are a good fit.

To increase your chances of landing your dream job, make sure you are fully qualified. This includes holding relevant technical qualifications as well as developing non-technical skills. Swiss companies frequently look for people with:

  • Adaptability and stress resistance
  • Leadership skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Proactivity

If you excel in one of these areas, highlight it on your CV.

Due to the acute worker shortage, professionals in various industries are highly sought-after. Some of the most popular jobs in Switzerland are in the IT, healthcare, construction, education, and engineering industries. If you’re looking for a new role, fill in the application form at Rigby AG, and tell us about yourself. We’ll keep your CV on file and match you with suitable opportunities.

Which Job Is Most in Demand in Switzerland?