Privacy Policy

Rigby AG recognises its responsibilities with regard to the integrity and security of personal information.

Your right to request that your data be either changed or removed

Should you wish to either change or remove your data at any point, just let us know in writing to and all records will be changed/deleted as requested.

Sharing of data

Information is only stored for the purposes of matching candidates to job opportunities. Candidates will not be presented to clients without their consent.

Data will only be shared with the companies which candidates state they would like to apply to.

Our Database uses TLS everywhere, and is run 100% on AWS behind a VPC (based in US West, Oregon), with the database encrypted at rest. The employees of this vendor are legally bound to keep your data entirely private.

What will candidate data be used for?

Information you provide through this application will only be used to assess your suitability for a vacancy within the business, now or in the future. In addition, during your application Rigby may also create material such as interview records or other assessment material.

If you are offered a role with us, we may use information collected during the recruitment process for the purpose of making the offer and to manage your ongoing employment with us. For the purposes of managing your ongoing employment, Rigby will process data as it is necessary to fulfil the requirements of the contract between you and Rigby, and in some circumstances on the basis that Rigby has legal obligations to process your personal data (i.e. with the local tax authority etc.)

Some sensitive personal information (as defined by the General Data Protection Regulations/nFADP) may need to be processed. Sensitive personal information in this instance relates only to health information, debt record entries or details of any criminal convictions. For these purposes Rigby will be processing on the basis that it is necessary to meet obligations in the field of employment.

Rigby may in some circumstances share your personal information with relevant suppliers (Related Company) for the purposes of assessing your suitability for a vacancy and managing your ongoing employment with Rigby, and also with clients, for the purposes of delivering services, and some of these suppliers or clients may also be outside of Switzerland, globally, for example in Germany, Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom, North Macedonia, Malaysia, Poland, Brazil, the United States of America etc.

Many overseas countries do not have data protection legislation equivalent to that in force in Switzerland. However, wherever your personal data is processed, it will be processed in accordance with all applicable laws and as if it were still in Switzerland.

As part of the Related Companies’ assessment, the accuracy and completeness of the information you have provided in support of your application may be verified. We may contact you periodically to update your personal information so that we can best inform you of opportunities with the Related Companies. You can opt out of this at any time. If you are offered a role with one of the Related Companies, then pre-employment checks will also be undertaken, which may include, but not be limited to, checking your credit history, academic qualifications and employer references, as well as carrying out criminal records checks and address validation, subject always to local law limitations.

We will retain your data as long as is necessary for the purpose that we collected it, however should you wish to, you can at any point exercise your rights as described above (your right to request that your data be either changed or removed).

You have the right to ask for a copy of the personal information held about you, to ask for any errors or omissions in that personal information to be corrected, to request that we stop or restrict the processing, and also to have the data permanently deleted.

You are under no obligation to provide your personal information to us, however failure to do so will prevent us from processing your application, or talent pooling for potential future assignments and/or managing employment with Rigby.


You certify that the information which you have provided is accurate and complete and that by submitting your application or by failing to notify us, you understand that Rigby AG and other Related Companies will be collecting, using, processing and disclosing your personal information and sensitive personal information as described above. Where relevant to the selection criteria for any vacancy, you further agree to update your personal data should your eligibility for that vacancy change.

You understand that any misrepresentation of this Privacy Statement may result in the termination of your application or employment.