Our Services

Our team has been staffing projects and helping customers to identify talent here in Switzerland for over 12 years. Let us help you too.

We are SECO licensed and can offer you services in the following three main areas.

If you'd like to discuss any of these in more detail, just let us know.

Contract staffing

  • Fast start (typically one month)
  • Flexibility on contract duration (i.e. 6/12/18 months)
  • You determine the length of the engagement
  • Contract staff are employed by us, with payrolling, insurances etc. fully taken care of
  • We consult you personally in the search and selection process, drawing on sector-specific experience

project services

  • You can outsource specific tasks or projects to us (e.g. recruitment process outsourcing, IT projects, administration, accounting, seasonal work)
  • Assembly of teams to carry out specific pieces of work
  • Pricing based on agreed upon deliverables
  • Pool of hundreds of locally-based, highly-qualified people
  • Replacement of staff where needed

permanent placementS

  • We conduct a search based on your specific requirements
  • We draw on our existing network
  • We carry out a thorough pre-screening of candidates, including interviews and reference checks, before presenting
  • We support you in scheduling interviews, gathering and passing on feedback and help guide the hiring and onboarding processes


  • Advantages for employees
  • We pay you within 7 days of you handing in your timesheet, irrespective of when the end client pays us
  • We make sure that all necessary contributions are made to social security, pension plan, insurances etc. This gives you the peace of mind to focus on your work
  • Before we enter into any agreement, we will provide you with a comprehensive simulation of how your salary will be, based on your particular situation (i.e. your marital status/place of residence/age/number of children etc.) We will do so free of charge

    Fill out this form if you would like us to prepare a salary simulation for you
  • With every payment, we will transparently show you where all the costs and contributions go
  • We manage all administrative, legal and financial aspects of your employment, in full compliance with Swiss law
  • We are available for continuous support on any relevant topics during your employment
  • If your project is coming to an end, we can try to offer you new projects through our network if you wish
  • Advantages for employers
  • Focus on your main business
  • Save the time and money by letting us take care of the administrative aspects of employing staff, including making sure that all necessary social security, pension, insurance contributions etc. are being made
  • Peace of mind that staff are employed 100% compliant with Swiss law
  • Reporting available on demand
  • You can onboard support on-demand, even in times of headcount limitations
  • Advantages for foreign companies
  • Engage Swiss residents
  • Leverage local knowhow to hire people living and working in Switzerland