Should I Move to Switzerland?

If you’re looking for a new adventure in a foreign country or you want to advance your career, moving to Switzerland could be right for you. This small country in the heart of Europe offers residents an excellent quality of life, diverse career opportunities, high salaries, and a great education system. So, is it a good idea to move to Switzerland? Let’s explore who can benefit the most.

Should I Move to Switzerland?

You’d Like to Experience an Excellent Quality of Life

Switzerland is a highly developed country, and its residents are some of the happiest in the world. The typical Swiss person has a life expectancy of more than 83 years, which is over 10 years higher than the global life expectancy. There is a system in place for everything, and residents benefit from great healthcare, a robust infrastructure, and excellent safety.


The healthcare system in Switzerland is one of the best in the world. The survival rates for conditions like cancer and heart disease are outstanding, and around 78% of residents consider themselves in good health.

Everybody pays for mandatory health insurance, which costs around CHF 350-400 per month. This gives residents access to emergency services, doctor visits, around 2,500 medications, and even some types of complementary medicine.


Getting around is extremely easy in Switzerland. Although most residents have a car, travel by public transport is possible almost everywhere. The trains, buses, and trams run frequently and on time, and they are comfortable. Some even offer wifi, so you can work or watch a movie while you commute.

The buildings are similarly well-constructed. Since Switzerland’s climate fluctuates throughout the year, many homes feature great insulation, double or triple glazing, and efficient heating systems. Most people in Switzerland rent. This isn’t seen as a disadvantage because the quality of rental homes is high, and tenants are protected by law.


Switzerland is a stable country that consistently ranks near the top of global safety indexes. The crime rate is low, and serious crimes are rare. The country also has an effective criminal justice system. People generally respect the law.

You’re Looking to Advance Your Career

Switzerland offers favourable tax conditions to businesses, so it is the home of many multinationals such as Nestlé, Roche, and Zurich Insurance Group. As a result, there are plenty of jobs available in various industries. Labour shortages are particularly acute in IT, healthcare, and engineering. No matter if you’re a highly educated specialist or an entry-level worker, you can find a good job in Switzerland. If you have an EU or EFTA passport, you can start working without sponsorship.

You Want a Comfortable Retirement in Your Home Country

When comparing salaries internationally, Switzerland ranks in one of the top three spots. Although life can be more expensive than in other countries, you can still potentially save more for your retirement. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the average Swiss household saves CHF 20,500 per year. If you work in a highly-paid IT job, you may be able to put away twice or even three times that amount. This makes it easy for you to amass a significant sum within a few years.

If you plan to return to your home country in retirement, this is good news as you’ll be able to enjoy a higher standard of living or retire earlier than your peers.

Can Swiss Pensions Be Transferred to My Home Country?

If you’ve made pension contributions in Switzerland, you typically have the choice of leaving them in Switzerland or transferring them to an international pension system. Most countries have agreements with Switzerland, so the transfer should be relatively easy. However, it’s advisable to speak to your employer, your pension provider, or a financial professional when you start contributing.

You’d Like to Explore a Different Culture

Switzerland is a country made up of 26 individual states, called cantons. Each one has its own history, so you can experience a wide range of traditions and customs. Since it’s easy to travel around the country, you can visit all kinds of festivals, from the Geneva-based Escalade celebration to the world-famous Basel Carnival and the vibrant Zurich Street Parade. If you love traditional events, take part in the Alpine Cattle Descent, the Swiss Yodelling Festival, and the International Alphorn Festival.

You Enjoy Leading an Active and Outdoorsy Life

There’s almost an endless range of things to do in Switzerland. You can find cultural institutions like museums, cinemas, concert halls, and art galleries in every city. No matter where you live, nature is easily accessible by public transport. Since the country is small, it’s easy to travel from one town to the next. Here are some particular highlights for those who enjoy an active lifestyle:

  • Hiking: The country has over 65,000 kilometres of hiking paths. There are several difficulty levels, so everyone can find something suitable.
  • Lake and river swimming: Switzerland has thousands of lakes, and many of them are suitable for swimming in the warm season. Several cities like Basel and Bern also have rivers clean enough to swim in.
  • Free Indoor and Outdoor Museums: The University of Zurich is home to several free museums, perfect for those who want to use their spare time to learn something new. In the spring or summer, the Botanical Garden is the place to see. During the colder season, the Zoological Museum, Paleontological Museum, Museum of Anthropology, Archeaological Collection, and Ethnographic Museum are well worth a visit. If you don’t live in Zurich, check your local museums as many have free entry days.

You Want to Offer Your Children Excellent Opportunities

In Switzerland, you can offer your children an excellent education without paying for private school. Around 95% of children go to public school, and many of the primary and secondary schools are very good. This is another reason why many Swiss families can achieve a high savings rate, as they aren’t paying school fees.

There are also international and bilingual school options, which may be more suitable for short-term residents. These institutions usually offer the International Baccalaureate, and they also sometimes teach the Swiss curriculum.

Is it a good idea to move to Switzerland? The answer is often “yes.” People move to this small country for many reasons, both professional and personal. Download our Rigby AG Living in Switzerland Guide now to get more detailed info about moving to and working in Switzerland.

Should I Move to Switzerland?