How Much Does an AI Engineer Earn in Switzerland?

Switzerland is home to several AI research centres and countless companies looking to implement AI solutions. If you’d like to work in this industry, now could be a good time to find your first position. But what is a typical AI developer salary? And how easy is it to live on an average AI engineer salary in Switzerland?

Average AI Engineer and AI Developer Salary in Switzerland

In Switzerland, AI engineers and developers with several years of experience can expect a salary of CHF 120,000 to several hundred thousand francs. Compensation varies greatly depending on the experience of the employee, the scope of the job, and the company in question. Entry-level engineers and developers typically earn between CHF 90,000 and CHF 110,000, while senior professionals can earn multiple six figures.

The location also matters. Most AI jobs are located in larger Swiss cities such as Zurich and Geneva. Because these areas are known for their high cost of living, salaries tend to be higher there. Jobs in the pharmaceutical industry are often in Basel since many large companies like Novartis and Hoffmann-La Roche are located there. Basel is slightly less expensive. Although some remote positions are available in Switzerland, most employers still expect employees to be on-site for a few days a week.

How Do Swiss AI Salaries Compare to Other Countries?

At the time of writing, the Swiss franc is worth around 1.15 US dollars and 0.91 British pounds. Therefore, the average AI developer salary is $138,000 to $168,000+ or £109,000 to £127,000+. This is roughly comparable to what an AI developer or engineer would earn in the US and higher than the average AI engineer salaries in the UK, France, Germany, and many other European countries.  

Is This a Good Salary in Switzerland?

In 2020, the Federal Statistical Office estimated that the average Swiss salary is around CHF 80,000. Therefore, even an entry-level AI engineer is likely to earn an above-average wage. However, certain Swiss cities are significantly more expensive than others. Before you accept an AI job in Switzerland, make sure you fully understand your salary and the cost of living in the area. This will help you to estimate your standard of living.


Rent is likely to be your biggest expense. Use websites like ImmoScout24 to find out how much apartments and houses near your new workplace cost. In Zurich, for example, you might spend more than CHF 3,500 per month on a two-bedroom apartment. In a lower-cost area such as Bern, the same apartment might only cost CHF 2,500.  

Other Costs

Other costs you’ll need to consider are:

  • Insurance: Health insurance costs approximately CHF 400 per month for an adult. You might also need other types of insurance, such as personal liability.
  • Food and Necessities: Most people spend around CHF 400-650 per month on groceries and other necessities.
  • Transportation: If you have a car, expect to spend CHF 1,000 per month on fuel, maintenance, and loan repayments. However, the public transportation network is excellent, and you can save a lot of money by taking the train or bus to work.

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How Much Does an AI Engineer Earn in Switzerland?

Sample Budgets

In the table, we’ve put together a sample budget for a single person with no dependents earning CHF 130,000 and living in Zurich or Bern. As you can see, an average AI engineer has disposable income for entertainment, holidays, and savings.

Keep in mind that this budget only covers one person. If you’re planning on moving to Switzerland with your family, you’ll spend significantly more, but you’ll also receive family allowances of at least CHF 200-250 per child per month.

How to Get an AI Job in Switzerland

Start by browsing online job portals such as our  Opportunities page to see what’s out there. Switzerland is currently experiencing a labour shortage, so you might be surprised by the number of open positions.

Once you have a better idea of the available jobs and their locations, update your CV and speak to a recruiter. This is an important step, especially if you’ve never worked in Switzerland before and don’t yet have many local contacts. Employers are more likely to consider you if you are recommended by a trusted source.

Can Anyone Work in Switzerland?

You can find a job in Switzerland if you have an EU or EFTA passport, are married to a Swiss citizen, or have a close Swiss relative and strong ties to the country. If none of these apply, you have to get sponsored by your employer. This is only possible in special cases, since employers have to prove that no equivalent Swiss or EU/EFTA employee could be found for the job.

Maximizing Your AI Developer or AI Engineer Salary in Switzerland

Swiss companies can be very picky about the candidates they choose, so make sure you have advanced qualifications and are regularly taking part in continued education. You might also want to consider specialising in a certain industry, such as banking or healthcare.

Since Switzerland is a multilingual country, a great way to increase your chances of getting a highly-paid job is to learn the local language. If you’re fluent in English as well as German or French, you can communicate more effectively with both local and international coworkers.

The average AI engineer salary in Switzerland is CHF 120,000 to several hundred thousand francs, which is higher than in neighbouring countries. Even someone earning an entry-level AI developer salary can enjoy a good standard of living. Since this industry is growing, wages will likely increase in the future. Visit the Rigby AG Opportunities page to find out about open roles in AI.

How Much Does an AI Engineer Earn in Switzerland?