contract staffing

Fast start (typically one month)

Flexibility on contract duration 

(i.e. 6/12/18 months)

You determine the length of the engagement

Contract staff are employed by us. Payrolling, insurances etc. are fully taken care of

We consult you personally in the search and selection process, drawing on sector-specific experience

project services

You can outsource specific tasks or projects to us (e.g. recruitment process outsourcing, IT projects, administration, accounting, seasonal work)

Assembly of teams to carry out specific pieces of work

Pricing based on agreed upon deliverables

Pool of hundreds of locally-based, highly-qualified people

Replacement of staff where needed

permanent placement

We conduct a search based on your specific requirements

We draw on our existing network

We carry out a thorough pre-screening of candidates, including interviews and reference checks, before presenting

We support you in scheduling interviews, gathering and passing on feedback and help guide the hiring and onboarding processes