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E5: Diccon Bewes, The Way I Work

Updated: Mar 12

“It's not that I was bored of London, because otherwise I would have been bored of life, if you believe what Samuel Johnson said.. I came here, really, as an experiment, and sixteen years later, I'm still here." — Diccon Bewes

A conversation with Diccon Bewes, the author of several wonderful books, including the Financial Times book of the year Swiss Watching.

Diccon tells us about his experiences as a travel writer, his life in Switzerland and how he works.

For the show notes, please scroll down.

The following are links to some of the things mentioned in this episode:

Diccon Bewes on Twitter


Swiss Watching

Slow Train to Switzerland

The Stauffacher English Bookshop

Mario Botta’s church in Mogno

Der Rosengarten, Bern

Swimming in the Aare, Bern

Urban swimming


Switzerland Tourism


The Post Bus

The Rhätische Bahn, Graubünden

Thomas Cook

Samuel Johnson on London

The Mer de Glace, Chamonix




Jemima Morell

Ilkley, Yorkshire

The Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart

Nova Friburgo

New Glarus

Kurt Lewin

Die Schweizermacher

Zion Canyon, Utah

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